How to Get to Puerto Viejo

Getting To the Blue Morpho Center from Puerto Viejo

The Blue Morpho Center is located in Hone Creek, about 10 minutes drive north of Puerto Viejo. You can get to the property from Puerto Viejo by taxi, bus, or private driver.

1. Taxi → Some taxi drivers are familiar with the Blue Morpho Center already. Some taxis know the place as JoJo’s Jungle Retreat (the old name), so you may have to call it by that name. If the driver is unfamiliar with Blue Morpho Center and JoJo’s Jungle retreat, say that you would like to be dropped off at the Hielo del Atlántico ice factory in Hone Creek. (In Spanish, “la casa esta cerca de la fabrica de Hielo del Atlantico en Hone Creek.”) There are two paths that lead to the house, one on either side of the small white building that is the ice factory.  Coming from Puerto Viejo, we are on the right side of the road.
Price: 2500-3000 colones
2. Bus → Any bus from Puerto Viejo that says “Limon,” or “Sixaola” is going to go by the Center. Board any of these in Puerto Viejo and pay for passage to Hone Creek and you can pull the cord or tell the driver in order to get dropped off here. (Look for the white Hielo Atlantico building).  The buses generally leave Puerto Viejo on the ’30’ of every hour.  There is a posted schedule at the bus station.  Price: 400 Colonnes


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