Freeing the Goddess

Freeing the Goddess Within

An individual course scheduled flexibly by request.  Orientations in person or by phone are free. Asking for information is the first step on the path.

A course for women. Become all that you are. Become all that you wish to be. Become all that you dare to be.  For those who want to dive deeply into what’s possible in claiming their own power and living with joyful passion and presence. The course draws from diverse disciplines and processes, including massage, movement, tantra, clear communication and the cultivation of courage. It is custom designed for each participant based on interview conversations to determine what you want to experience and achieve.  Begin with these questions. What do you want to transform? What do you want to explore? What do you want to heal? What do you want to celebrate? If your intuition tells you that this course is what you should be in — that’s a good start.  (This course has advanced modules available after the first week is completed.)

Course Leader and Tuition Info


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